Save our Plots

Just seen details on another website that the Government is examining plans that will allow local authorities to not be obligated to allocate plots of public land for cultivation by gardeners.
Seems like a typical government strategy  to tell local authorities to reduce their budget and then give them a nice option to sell bits of land to make some money!!.

As an allotment holder i am obviously biased on this subject but if our allotments were sold then it would seem a great in justice.
There are many ‘old timers’ where the allotment is there way of life , it keeps them fit, allow them to socialise and of course (the main point) grow their own produce.


Most allotment societies have a waiting list for plots – that must tell the goverment that it is an increasingly popular activity – they must re- think this.

Dont let this happen !! – allotment plots now – Childrens park areas next? – School playing fields next ? – who knows.
You can help prevent this by signing the e-petition here …… It wont take long and if the MP’s think they may lose votes because of this issue they may think twice !!

Please pass this on to your associates – we need signatures