A bit of work to be done!!

Have now decided that 2013 is the year that this allotment will be made into a presentable vegetable and flower garden where we can grow our own vegetables. I have purchased a Polytunnel 2mts x 4mts and as you can see from the images below it is up and running, the worry is that my garden is exposed and , true to form , the winds have been quite bad over this last week since it was fixed up.

I have secured the frame into the ground using wooden stakes – just hoping that the cover stays intact.

Next step is to build some raised beds, i had not intended to do this when i first took on the allotment, however breaking it up into manageable areas seems the way forward , i have got the timber and have created the first area. the garden is on quite a slope so some substantial digging out is to be done to end up with a series of stepped areas.

The next step is to get some vegetables planted – that is the point of growing your own !! , First to dig over the area inside the polytunnel, some of that area already has strawberry plants and a few raspberry bushes courtesy of ‘the boss’ ie my better half. We have also planted seeds in pots (in the tunnel) , peas , beans, lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower. The first raised bed is almost dug over and will soon be ready for the first plants – decision of what they will be to be made later

You can see more images here…
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