Allotment in the Sunshine

This morning the sun was shining so decided to have an early start at the allotment. Just prepartion on a few of the beds ready for ‘planting out’ 
First task was to level the fruit area, put down the ground cover and move my strawberries. These have been outside in pots since last year – they seem to have survived . As well as those in large pots i have quite a few small plants from runners from last year. These will be re-potted soon. My idea this year is to leave them in Pots – see how that goes. 
Next area is where i will be planting the Brassicas , and other things such as Beetroot, Onions  and Lettuce. The frame will be netted before they go in to stop the pigeons getting them before  they have had a chance to grow!(plants that is , not pigeons)
The final area for today is the canes setup for the Beans,and in front of them will be the Brusselsprouts .I trampled down that bit as they need solid ground.