Before and after !

Been working away over the last few months to sort out the allotment. My thinking this year was to divide the garden off into manageable chunks – raised beds. It has been hard work but now down to the last 4mts x 4 mtrs.
as each bed has been completed i have dug it over and de-weeded it (as best as you can with weeds!). we have planted potatoes earlies and lates, cabbages, cauliflower, sprouts , beens , peas, onions , swedes, carrots and salad stuff.
This is how the garden was last year :
weeds at the bottom of the garden in our allotment

As mentioned earlier i have also added a polytunnel – with afterthought its in the wrong place – too exposed to the winds – but this will be moved at the end of September. The polytunnel is an excellent thing to add to your garden. Because i have been preparing raised beds and then planting as each one is completed i have been behind as far as the normal planting times go, however the polytunnel has allowed me to start plants off and then transplant .

this is what the allotment looks like now at the beginning of August

the allotment at the beginning of August 2013      allotment with raised beds and polytunnel