Candle Heaters


Heating your potting shed

:This has been around for a while , apparently, but i was only told about using candle heaters in the potting shed last weekend and decided to give it a try.
There are quite a few videos on Youtube explaining how to do this , but here is my version of creating this candle heater for the shed.
My first attempt was using 10″ and 8″ clay/earthenware pots.
I started with a slate to stand on and top of that a metal tray covered in foil. on the tray i placed 2 pieces of paving stones at each side and then 4 T light candles in between the stones .

set up for candle heater

candle setup

The next step was to put the bolt, washers and nuts onto the top of the smaller pot , this ‘seals’ the top of this pot so that the heat will go into the sides of the pot rather than escaping through the hole
Pot with bolt attached

Pot with bolt attached

This pot was then placed on the stones over the lit candles.
8" Pot over candles

8″ Pot over candles

Final stage – put the 10″ pot over the smaller one and leave to do its work.
Final setup

Final setup

Now of course the big question is – does it work. I started this setup this morning at 9.30 am in the shed, the thermometer was reading 7 degrees. after 2.5 hours i checked and the reading is now 11 degrees – looking promising.
Will update again after a few more days trial