February 2019

Decided to tidy up the polytunnel last week , needed to do the centre path and boards at the side for the planting area . Got that done – and thought ‘ that looks rather good ‘ 

Then i was looking at other blog sites and saw someone working in their polytunnel and they had only one side as planting area and the rest covered with ground cover. mmmmm i thought – that seems like a good idea and most of the things i grow in the polytunnel are in pots so they could stand anywhere . So , back to the garden and redesigned the polytunnel to copy the one i had seen . Looks much better and seems to give more space (obviously only two pots in there at the moment , my early potatoes) so will see how it goes this year .






Also a  little splash of colour

“Not wanting to spoil anyone enjoying the great weather here (North East England) – but – 27th Feb 2018 





<>Gardening Quote :
I like gardening — it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.
— Alice Sebold ( is an American writer.)