February – Things to do

Although there is not a lot of planting or work that can be done in the allotment during February there are many things that can be done as preparation for the coming growing season.
This time can be used to start and collect the plastic bottles you will need to protect the young plans,why not get all of your seed trays together. Of course if you have used fleece then these can be checked to make sure they are all in good condition.
Not got your seed potatoes yet? then now is the time to get them and start the chitting process.
Also start checking on your plant labels and your canes that will be needed – replace / buy more now ready for the planting season

You can help by pullingĀ  back any organic mulches. The ground can then be covered with of plastic or set up your cloches, if this can be done before planting then it will help give the seeds/ plants a good start. Clay soils have to be treated differently, they are slower to warm up as they hold a large amount of water. In this case pre-warming will not be very effective. Under these circumstances you be better using cloches.