Getting the Polytunnel ready for growing


Early planting and growing

In the North East yesterday and today have seen clear blue skies, warm sunshine then frost during the night !. That has encouraged me to start work on the Polytunnel . November last year i took the cover off and stored it in the shed to prevent any damage through the winter weather. As you can see it made the allotment look even more bleak !

Getting Polytunnel ready for Spring

Grow your own vegetables in a polytunnel

However it took a few hours to get it ready , cover on, straighten (several times) tie the velcroe straps and then dig in the overlap around the sides.  Finished result

Polytunnel cover on and secured

Cover on so will soon generate some warmth in the Polytunnel



Most of that work was done yesterday and when i went up early this morning you could feel that the temparature had risen quite a lot inside the Polytunnel. Then set to work setting up the staging and drawers for seeds and feeds. Completed the work by digging over both of the side strips ready to plant for my home grown vegetables.
Next task was to put my leaf mulch on 2 of the raised beds , 2 already have had Green manure dug in at the end of last year.
Also dug up the remaining sprouts and these were blanched at home and put in the freezer.

The weather is great and does allow an early start – however i realise that it is not spring yet , temparatures set to drop to minus 3 overnight here !