Using Green Manure in the allotment


Jobs to do in the allotment in September !

As i mentioned in an earlier post about growing vegetables, i was planning to ‘experiment’ with the concept of green manure in one of my vegetable plots. (more details here……) but in summary the reason i have tried this is :-
Green manure is a method of planting certain crops into the area of the garden that you have just cleared, letting it grow for the recommended time , cutting it  then digging it into the ground .
This will prevent soil erosion, forming humusimprove its fertility, holding plant nutrients and helping soil organisms and earthworms.
After a few weeks this will have decomposed and enriched your garden soil.”

To this end a few weeks ago i prepared the soil in one of the areas (approx 12ft x 6ft ) and sowed the packet of seeds that i had purchased from Wilkinsons.
After only a few weeks this was the result :-
where green manure has been planted

Next stage is to dig that in, There a different suggested methods for this, what i did was to cut the plants back to ground level and then simply dig them in
This is what it looked like after the digging

after digging in the green manure

Now all i have to do is wait until next year and keep a record of what i plant in this area and monitor the results .

Added to my list of jobs to do in the garden for September