Jan 2017 – This years growing plan !

Allotment Jan 2017

The Allotment – January 1st 2017 :

I went to the garden today to make sure the Hens were OK , otherwise there is not much to do at this time of the year so probably wouldnt have bothered going up there. However i spent some time just visualising how the allotment will look in a few months time and thinking back to last years successes, failures and all things in between. I am a very keen vegetable gardener , but still have so much to learn. Still manage to get ideas from the other allotmenteers and will try to include some of the suggestions into my planning & growing for this year. 
I made a conscious effort in November to work out what i had grown , what was used and what was a waste of time. I keep falling into the trap of ‘that would be interesting to grow’ and when its ready no one eats it ! Crazy, waste of time, money, effort and growing space. In December i planned what i was going to grow this year, only things we will eat, and bought all of my seeds . I have a firm resolve that i will not be tempted by any other seeds or plants throughout this year , no matter how interesting they seem (watch this space to see if i achieve that). So the plan for this year is to grow Beet, Sprouts, Carrots, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Shallots, Onions,Tomatoes, Leeks, Swede, Sweet Corn (thats mainly for the Hens, they love it) and Peas. Add to that a few rows of 1st Early and Main crop potatoes which i havnt bought yet , and thats the allotment plan sorted. I have mapped out on paper where they will be planted , taking into account crop rotation so looking forward to plenty of home grown vegetables in the coming year.