January Journal

Well , thats the first month of 2018 just about over – where did it go??
As everyone says , not much to do in the Allotment at this time of the year. I have visited the plot every day (bar 2!) mainly to see to the Hens, especially when the temperatures have dropped below the zero to make sure their water wasnt frozen. It was on a few days but i took two water bottles of hot water up with me to defrost – also keeps your hand’s warm on the walk to the garden ;o)

Also have a plan to revamp part of the allotment, Polytunnel to be moved which has meant a few raised beds will be/ have been moved. Everything in place ready to build the frame hopefully within the next two weeks . 

I have also taken over the spare bedroom with two propergators and have started some early seeds off – two little tomatoes peeping through already !

I have started :
Chitting potatoes: Rocket 1st Early, Maris Peer 2nd early and Desiree Main crop 









Onions : Ailsa Craig and Ishikura








Tomatoes : Sungold, Big Boy , Ailsa Craig , and a slice of an Asda Salad Tomato (worked last year )








Also some Sweet Peppers 


Thanks for reading , will be back with more updates during February