January – things to do

January 2013

is always seen as a bleak month for many reasons – recovering from the festive season (too much food , booze and spend!!) weather will be cold (and probably very wet) and the days dark. Not a lot to do in the allotment at this time, however you could use this time to plan the garden for the coming seasons.
You can reflect on last year , what was successful and what just did not work.
Work out the areas to be used for the various vegetables or flowers and where possible dig over any vacant plots not yet done.
Check all the stakes , any fleeces and other supports – repair any damaged ones.
Sow broad bean seeds under glass for an early summer harvest:
(plant out after hardening off in early spring).
This is also the time to force the rhubarb (cover with upturned bins or boxes)
Check out the compost heap – turn it and this will increase decomposition.
Ventilate your green house / polytunnel.
Its worthwhile checking any fruit or veg you have stored from the last crops. check for rotten ones and remove.
Using this time effectively could help with this seasons crops.