May 2012

Ok – who’s stolen the summer ???
The weather is really making it difficult to do any work in the allotment at the moment – the odd dry patches are after the very wet patches so the ground is to wet to work with.
I am still managing to get the odd hour in there and am just planting whatever i can. I have bought some plants for the likes of Cabbages, cauliflower and brussels and have put them in. Also just trying seeds for the likes of turnips and lettuce, fingers crossed they dont get washed away. My allotment is on a slope so a fair amount of water will run down .
Never mind – i still do have a garden that allows me to grow my own vegetables – still long queuese for many allotment societies.

Also discovered this useful resource for more hints and tips an gardenning and vegetable. Worth a look.

For more hints and tips click on one of the Tabs below and select the next level topic. There are some very interesting and helpful resources here