New Hens

As i mentioned earlier we have recently bought some hens, originally 6 of them. However within the first week i realised that the run i had for them was just a little over crowded so i gave 2 of them away to a fellow allotmenteer . 

The remaining 4 have settled in really well and are now producing 4 eggs a day!. 
At the beginning of the week i let them out of their run so they could wander around the allotment , it worked well and they went back into the run when i tempted them with nasturtiums – they love them by the way , so i let them out again for the next few days . Now when anyone goes to the gate the assume its freedom time and you just cant get them back from the gate – very interesting trying to get in to get the eggs without them escaping . 
Today we had the largest egg we have had so far from one of the hens, normal ones are approx 1.75 ozs but this one is just over 3 ozs – hoping its a double yoker !!

big egg