Now i am in Trouble!!

As we are all aware it has been an usually dry year so far, so i, like so many other people have been waiting for the rain. The gardens all need it. However, because i am overjoyed with the rain in our area (county durham) i am also in trouble with my better half. one of her favorite passtimes is to sit in the garden with a glass of wine and enjoy the sun. Of course it is now my fault because i have been wishing for the rain.

However it is much needed for the allotment and , all joking aside , every gardener is pleased that we are getting some.

Planting – continued:

i have now planted some onions and leeks and more lettuce. as i have said before this year is very experimental , we are planting , digging etc etc all without any experience. We do get advice from the other allotment holders and even free plants. All is taken on board and i am keeping a manual diary (soon to be transferred here) with dates and results – next year this will be the basis of our planning for the allotment .

Thanks for reading