Pentland Javelin

Growing Potatoes:

Just made my first purchase of potatoes for the allotment for this year – Pentland Javelin – these are first early, ready to plant in March (when it hopefully warms up a bit) and should be ready to harvest in June / July. They are popular for their waxy, mild tasting flesh and they have a good flavour.

This type of potato is apparently high yielding and have a high resistance to some of  the potato virus/ diseases such as eelworm and scab.

I will be following the traditional method of Chitting the seed potatoes before planting.

I have spent quite some time planning out the allotment  to determine what vegetables to grow , space available and the type of home grown vegetables i will eat . Last year i planted a lot of different types of vegetables without thinking enough about when they would be ready to harvest – ended up with a million lettuces which i couldnt give away and not enough of the things like potatoes, brussel sprouts, cabbages etc etc. This year hopefully will get it right and have a more evenly spaced harvest time for the different produce

Also considering putting some in a patio planter for outside the house – anyone have any opinions on wether this is a good or bad idea ??