Polytunnel progress

Well the polytunnel has been standing now for some 3 weeks and has taken a real battering. i have added straps (storm straps from a camping shop!) to it as well – just for peace of mind more than anything.

Vegetables :

I have started off many different vegetables in seed trays and put them in the polytunnel to start them off – have to say it works really well. the seeds for lettuce, peas , runner beans , beetroot and also onions have all come on very quickly.
Included in the tunnel we have also planted some raspberry bushes and a few strawberry plants. These will stay inside in the hope that they dont get waterlogged and that we can get some fruit off them before the birds do!! Well thats the theory so hopefully it will work in practice.

inside the pollytunnel

Positioning :

With hindsight ( which we all know – is wonderful) i think that the position of the tunnel is wrong, i have probably chosen the most exposed part of the allotment. The plan is to buy another one and set that up in a more sheltered area of the garden and then move this one next to it.
If you thinking about buying one – i would recommend that you go ahead – even on the windy and wet days i now have an area that i can work in – and it does seem to bring on the plants very quickly.

My next job is to build raised beds – got 4 done so far – will post images soon