Stage 1

This is our allotment in West Pelton, County Durham. The our is peter & jackie elliott, I had forgotten to take pictures of the allotment before i started working on it so this is really stage 2. As the image shows it has been tidied up and we have actually started digging and planting. I had hired a rotovator from our allotment society (tremendous value at £7 for the day) and managed to get the plot looking reasonable before the hard spade work starts.west pelton allotment after rotavating

As you can see we have started by working on the 3 (small) raised beds. One has salad produce, lettuce , leaf beet and rocket. The second has peas and the third has a combination of cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower and sprouts.There are also 3 rows of potatoes planted.

Now its a case of more digging, weeding and planting.

I have found, and i am sure its the same with most allotment sites, that everyone is so helpful. I have been offered plants, potatoes even a bag of horse manure and all of this comes wrapped up with heaps of advice. this is my first real year of the allotment and when you are talking to some of the owners who have 30 years + of experience you quickly realise that there is lot to learn.