Things to do in January

I decided back in November to take the polytunnel cover off and just leave the frame – i had not positioned it in the best of places so was a little concerned about it getting ripped to shreds by the winds
A very good job that i had – as the story unfolds below.

I have mentioned several times that i still regard myself as a novice as i have only had the garden for 3 years. So i did the usual research and read what the experts ┬árecommend as tasks to do in January. I havnt been up to the allotment for 3 weeks so did my research on Sunday and on the Monday am off i went with a list of ‘gentle tasks’ to do . I was also going to ┬áset a fire away to get rid of some rubbish (its not an allotment unless there is a fire going !! ;o) ) of i went to spend a few hours to do the above tasks.
I have to walk past a lot of gardens to get to my garden (in the middle of the allotments) and as i was approaching i noticed a few of the fences of other gardens slightly out of shape and also a couple of gates off their hinges. mmm i thought, you would think that the people who had the garden would have corrected these problems – tut tut.
The thought and self righteousness were soon dispelled as i got to my garden . the strong winds a few weeks ago had snapped 3 of the posts on my perimeter fence. The fence was still standing – thankfully – but 4 of the 6ft panels were very precarious.
So now my planned few hours ‘relaxed’ work had changed into a damage limitation urgent work.
I didnt have time to buy new posts and get them sorted so it was a case of using wood and very long nails to secure the snapped posts.

Luckily i have some raised beds – and as they are quite secure i have attached the fence to them .
Just hope now that the winds do not get too strong over the next week or 2 – i may find the fence on the ground with the raised bed very raised. Lesson learnt – cant leave it too long between visits – even in the winter

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