First Early spuds 'chitting'

Things to do in the allotment in January

There are not that many things that can be done at this time of the year, mainly harvesting or preparing.
1. Digging should only be done if the soil is not waterlogged – trying to work on it in this state will only compact the soil.
2. If you have planned well, there will still be things to harvest such as cabbages, sprouts, swedes, and leeks.
3. Well rotted manure can be spread on the beds.
4. Planning – when the weather is no good for getting to the allotment the time can be spent planning the garden, which seeds where, crop rotation, companion planting etc . (Having said that i make a plan each year then that gets evolved/changed as the year moves on!!)
5. Covering the bed that you are planning to use as the seed bed will warm it up , i am using a bed in the Polytunnel this year.
6. Seed Potatoes, start the seeds of chitting, egg boxes or seed trays are good for this, cool light place is preferable

I have attached some images from my allotment this morning

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