Things to do in the allotment in march

Soon be spring !

(we hope) – so we can now to start and prepare for early spring planting. Vegetables that can be planted outdoors now are : (warning – if the soil is too cold and / or too wet seeds are liable to rot and unlikely to thrive).

Onion sets

These can be planted from March through until May – rough guide is that they should be planted approx 6 cm’s deep, 20cm apart and should be ready in approx 4 months.


Earlies can be planted from March until May.(Maincrop April) you should have already chitted the potatoes and now they can be planted at about 25cm deep, 40 cm apart in a 30cm wide trench – always a good idea to put well rotted manure dug in the base of the trench.
The earlies should be ready to harvest June July time.

Assuming that  the ground is not frozen  broad beans, carrots, chard, early turnips and beetroot  summer cabbages can all be planted outside , probably later in the month rather than at the beginning. Leeks can be sown directly into the ground or transport them from inside if you started growing them in February.



– Start the seeds off in trays now for lettuce,tomatoes,cucumbers and spring onions ready for planting outside in the coming warmer months.