I have just noticed that a lot of the images have gone from the site since i made the last design change – oops – should have checked it out more. 
However to correct that i am adding some updated images here , 
The allotment itself 
IMG_20160702_111700 IMG_20160702_111705 IMG_20160702_111717 IMG_20160702_111722IMG_20160724_105835 IMG_20160724_105846 IMG_20160724_105854 IMG_20160724_105858 IMG_20160808_113525 IMG_20160808_113648 IMG_20160808_113655 IMG_20160808_113701

We have recently bought some hens , 6 of them , and they are now starting to lay , had 4 eggs off them again today . 
The Hen run 
IMG_20160919_152703 IMG_20160919_152712 IMG_20160919_152722 IMG_20160924_125647 IMG_20160924_125656
and some of the hens 
IMG_20160926_091030 IMG_20160926_091024 IMG_20160926_091009 IMG_20160926_090941 IMG_20160926_090927IMG_20160926_103340 IMG_20160926_103345 IMG_20160926_103355 IMG_20160928_155605 IMG_20160928_155611 IMG_20160928_155639 IMG_20160928_155650_1CS IMG_20160928_155657 IMG_20160926_091030