What to do in the Allotment in November (Nothing)

I was standing in the allotment thinking about what to post for the latest blog – What jobs to do in November seemed to be a good topic. then i thought – No – there are many online sites and books that do that so you all probably have that kind of Info already.
However , as i was ‘pondering’, standing in the warm sun under clear blue skies
and looking at my allotment i thought ‘i have done all of this, its all my own work, starting with a wilderness on a slope 6+ years ago i have made this into a well organised , easy to maintain allotment. The raised beds have all been created so that each area of the Allotment is now easy accessible. The poly tunnel has been moved 3 times over the years to this final place, what used to be the hen run (now a fruit cage ) was moved twice before i was happy, the shed and decking ( ie pallets ) was set up exactly where i wanted it i have grassed the paths as i think it looks that much better – have to strim it every few weeks in the summer – but thats not too difficult or time consuming . The fence is a bit wobbly in places , usual wood posts starting to rot, so i have ‘secured’ these and i have started replacing the posts.
Raised beds all prepared for next season, polytunnel all cleared and pots and seed trays all stored in the shed.

Then my thoughts went to this growing season – not as successful as i had hoped, some produce very good, others not so good and some a total failure . Will that put me off for next season – definitely  not !. You see i have a constant source of knowledge on what to do , what failed and why and what to try next year – this knowledge comes from – you guessed it – every other allotmenteer on the site. Everyone is always willing to help and give advice / suggestions. But you never find snide comments or ‘i told you so’ attitude from anyone (well not to my face anyway ) – people are genuinely wanting to help – even i have offered help / suggestions to some of the allotmenteers (dont know if was taken and used but !) .


There have been many articles written of late on the health benefits of gardening – i agree – apart from the physical side of digging etc there is also the ‘mind’ side – when you can stand on a day like to day and observe – thinking and planning ahead – that really is a gift .
My Allotment cost for the rental is less than £40 per year – at less than a pound a week, brilliant –  to have my own ‘plot of land’ , peaceful and quiet – priceless !